The Best AM Radios: Amazing Ways They Can Benefit You!

The world has changed drastically in the last decade. A lot of people are now living off-the-grid and many others are interested in it. But as we disconnect from society and go deeper into nature, our need for technology grows stronger.

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What if something happens to you while you’re hiking? Or what if your car breaks down on a long road trip? Well, being prepared is not just about carrying food or water with you – it’s also about staying connected to the world around us, so that help can find us when needed most. 

That is why having a good AM radio is very important for anyone who spends time outdoors or wants to be prepared for emergencies.

Although cell phone reception has improved 10 folds over the last few years. An AM radio still remains one of the most effective and reliable ways to keep informed in remote areas where cell phone reception is spotty or nonexistent.

An AM radio can be used for a variety of purposes, and although they are not an essential piece of equipment in all cases, there are benefits to having one if you know when it will come in handy. For example, during storms or emergency situations where power is down your AM radio may provide you with a way to stay informed.

As you can see, there are many benefits of having an AM radio in your emergency kit or survival bag and it’s worth considering when building one for yourself. Make sure you consider all the features that may be important for your needs before making a purchase. This will ensure you get the best am Radio for your needs and price range. Each Radio listed will have its own strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to consider what you need the most from your Radio.


Best Overall Panasonic Portable AM / FM Battery Operated Analog Radio

Panasonic Portable AM / FM Analog Radio


  • Smooth Tuning
  • Headphone Compatible
  • AA Batteries or Plug in

The Panasonic Portable AM / FM Battery Operated Analog Radio is the perfect combination of function, portability, utility, and entertainment. Whether you’re at home recovering from a power outage or hiking away from civilization with your friends while telling spooky tales around the campfire – this radio can be used to get information on severe weather conditions or listen to music while camping. Powered by both AC adaptor and batteries for any time use, stay informed about the most pressing needs of life in our modern world with this handy piece of communication equipment! Comes standard with many useful features like an easy-to-read digital tuner that has AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) and a backlit AM/FM LCD display.

Best Low Budget HDi Audio Portable Compact AM/FM Radio

HDi Audio Portable Compact AM/FM Radio

Budget AM Radio


  • Clear Dial
  • Works Great with headphones

The HDi Audio Portable Compact AM/FM Radio is all about convenience. Whether you’re finishing up yardwork, or caught in traffic with nothing but time on your hands, this radio can always provide a good soundtrack for any situation! With its small size and built-in speaker, you’ll also have no problem bringing it along to the beach to catch the latest waves reports or using it as a camping companion. The radio features both an AM and FM tuner selectable by ear piece dimmer switch, a clear dial scale that makes overlapping frequencies easy to tune out, and ultra-loud sound quality that won’t be drowned out by squealing tires or children’s chatter when traveling! This little gem also has surprising affordability too.

Best High Quality AM Radio Sony ICF38 Portable AM/FM Radio

Sony ICF38 Portable AM/FM Radio

High Quality AM Radio


  • Tone Control Switch
  • Sony High Quality Audio
  • LED Tuning indicator

Sony is the ultimate company for all your radio needs, and this one has captivated audiences with its sleek design and crisp sound. Whether it’s power outages, severe weather conditions, or just a desire to listen to something else other than your TV on mute- Sony ICF38 carries you through those times without skipping a beat. The radio can be plugged into an outlet with the included AC adapter if running off battery power should happen – making sure that there is always clear audio coming through with crisp highs and lows. Use the built-in LED flashlight when necessary for added frosting on top of this cake: After all, who really wants to go about their day in pitch darkness? All while listening to what you want from radios around the world!

Runner-Up AM FM Portable Radio Battery Operated Radio

AM FM Portable Radio Battery Operated Radio

AM radio


  • Two Different Tone Modes
  • Two Types of Power Source
  • Long Stretchable Antenna

You’ll have your favorite tunes always on hand with this portable AM FM radio! It has a long battery life, so you can enjoy listening to music for hours. You’ll never get bored when you’re outdoors because it features a big speaker that will fill the room. This nifty gadget also doubles as an emergency radio and offers standard advantages such as its ability to be charged in emergencies; the high quality of sound; and the portability provided by the lightweight design and handle. What are you waiting for? Put down your smartphone and give modern technology a break – it’s time to buy!

Best Under $20 Vondior AM FM Radio

Vondior AM FM Radio

Best radio under 20


  • Perfect for Weather Emergencies
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • High Quality Speaker

Now you really can take your music with you, even if they won’t let you on the plane! Introducing the Vondior AM FM Radio a unique accessory that will make sure your favorite radio stations are always nearby. While it’s no substitute for your friend Barry Manilow and those fancy speakers at home, this handy little device is perfect for when you’re in need of some downtime. With an ergonomic design and sleek look, go ahead – pack it in your carry-on bags; bring it camping with a mountain man who’ll never find himself nearly as attractive as me (watch out!) or do whatever you want without worrying about running out of juice! You haven’t LIVED until you have heard

Best Portable Radios Sangean All in One Compact Digital Tuning Pocket Radio

The Sangean All in One Compact Digital Tuning Pocket Size Portable AM/FM Radio is perfect for any situation. Whether you’re at work and want to take a break from the grind by hearing your favorite station or if you just want to listen to the radio on your way home, this product is essential! Not only can you tune into regular stations, but it also features NOAA weather and travel alerts with up-to-date information when it comes to severe storms. The LCD display screen means you’ll always have access to the alarm clock function as well. With a 1/4 of an inch thin design, there’s no need for large pockets. You’ll be able to afford to buy one for every coat because it won’t take up much space at all!

Best Reception Eton Elite Clear-Sounding AM/FM/LW/VHF/Shortwave Radio

Eton Elite Clear Sounding AM/FM/LW/VHF/Shortwave Radio

Best Reception radio


  • Works with any wavelength
  • Loads of Memory Capacity
  • Sleep timer and alarms

Whether you’re listening to your favorite show on the radio, or waiting for a particular song to play when it hits #1 on iTunes, Etón Satellit 750 Car Stereo Radio will deliver with clear and crisp sound. With 100 presets programmed onto each of their 6 different bands, you can scroll through and find your perfect station in just seconds. Not only do these radios display information about the artist, song title, and name of the broadcasting network; they also let you know what type of program is currently airing on that channel. Play AM or FM radio stations from any country in this world; tune into international TV broadcasts over shortwave frequencies: This system covers every frequency imaginable!

Best Solar Powered Radio Kaito KA500 5-way Powered Solar Power, Dynamo Crank, Wind Up Emergency AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Alert Radio with Flashlight, Reading Lamp, and Cellphone Charger

Kaito KA500 Solar Powered Radio



  • Long Telescopic Antenna
  • Can Charge Phone in Emergencies
  • Solar Powered and Crank Powered

The solar-powered Kaito Voyager from Kaito is the perfect emergency essential. Powered by a rechargeable battery and illuminated with LED lights, this weather-resistant radio provides simultaneous AM/FM broadcast along with USB input for charging your cell phone or iPod. Built in solar panel help ensure you have power on the sunniest days. The 16 built-in channels let you hear everything that’s happening in the world when disaster strikes and AC power isn’t available. But it doesn’t stop there – crank away on its manual hand generator to provide up to 25 hours of backup power, be heard through two built-in speakers or headphones so no one gets left out of the loop. Ready for anything?

Best Water-resistant Radio IPX5 Waterproof Auto Scan Hand Crank NOAA Emergency Radio

IPX5 Waterproof Auto Scan Hand Crank NOAA Emergency Radio

water resistant


  • Bright Flashlight and Reading Lamp
  • 5000MaH Crank Power Bank
  • Waterproof Emergency Radio

The IPX5 Waterproof Emergency Radio is the best friend you never had! When a disaster or a monster of nature comes calling, this emergency radio will have your back. The hand crank means that this device can be charged in any situation no matter where you are. It’s small enough to slip into lockers or cabinets so it’s always ready when needed most!

Wired for both safety and entertainment, this product also includes a flashlight and battery backup power along with multiple channels including NOAA weather frequencies as well as AM/FM broadcast bands. In every sense of the phrase, “it does what it says on the box!”

Best Weather Radio FUNANASUN NOAA Weather Radio – Hand Crank Emergency Radio


weather am radio


  • Boasts Excellent Reception
  • Solar and Hand Crank powered
  • USB Charging and AAA Battery powered

Impactful. Relevant. Inspiring. Say goodbye to bad signal and interference with the upgraded chip of FUNANASUN NOAA Weather Radio – Hand Crank Emergency Radio! This hand crank emergency radio lets you power your phone during emergencies, stay informed with the latest news updates, and never worry about being unprepared for any weather thanks to its solar charging capability. With 1000 joules surge protection, a 2000mAh battery that can charge your phone, an analog/digital AM/FM function, LED flashlight & strobe light functions – this handy device is indispensable in any situation!

Best Jobsite Radio Sangean LB-100 Ultra Rugged Compact AM / FM Radio

Sangean LB 100 Rugged Radio

rugged am radio


  • Roll Cage
  • Weather Resistant
  • Rugged and Durable Material

The Sangean LB 100 Rugged Radio has a lot to offer for those looking to stay connected. It features a tough, environmentally sealed design, which means it can withstand drops and impacts- as well as environmental extremes such as salt water or intense heat. With the LB 100’s 10 station memory presets, you can easily keep up with your favorite AM or FM radio stations anywhere you go! 

The small form factor of the Rugged Radio is perfect for backpackers and camping enthusiasts who want to stream their tunes on multi-day trips without lugging around bulky equipment. Thoughtful touch keys make intuitive use easy even when wearing gloves in icy conditions – plus they’re protected from dust by hidden caps that snap securely into place over all buttons while

Best Analog Tuner Sangean PR-D6WH AM/FM Compact Analog Portable Radio

Sangean PR-D6WH AM/FM Compact Analog Portable Radio


  • Analog Dial Tuner
  • Bass and Treble Control
  • Rubber Duck Antenna

This nifty little radio is excellent to bring with you on your next camping trip, picnic, or outing. It’s easy to carry around and any reception issues are not a problem thanks to its strong built-in antenna! The PR-D6PAM/FM Radio has a built-in 3″ speaker so you can hear the station loud and clear without any trouble. Besides all this it also has a backlit LCD Display Screen which makes it easy for you to keep up with the news as they happen. With its compact size and durable design you’re sure to never be disappointed in the Sangean PR-D6WH AM/FM Compact Analog Portable Radio whenever you need it!

Best Old Fashioned Radio ClearClick Classic Vintage Retro Style AM/FM Radio with Bluetooth

ClearClick Classic Vintage Retro Style AM/FM Radio

vintage old school retro radio


  • Vintage Old School Feel
  • Handmade Wooden Exterior with Easy Control Knobs
  • Bluetooth Enabled

Much like your favorite pair of jeans or old t-shirt that you hold onto forever, the ClearClick Vintage Radio. It’s perfect to keep you company on cool autumn days cuddled up under a blanket and listening to music with family! With its classic style and custom colors, it will give any room an instant upgrade. Enjoy your memories too as this radio is also Bluetooth compatible so can pick out all those tunes from decades ago among today’s hottest numbers. Not only does it play FM Radio, but AM signals are picked up within specific windows making those Sunday night sporting events possible no matter where they’re being played… even if it’s halfway across the world!

Best Pocket Radio Sangean DT-200X FM-Stereo/AM Digital Tuning Pocket Radio

Sangean DT-200X FM-Stereo/AM Digital Tuning Pocket Radio


  • Digital Display
  • Headphone Jack
  • 90 minute auto shut off

The Sangean DT-200X FM-Stereo/AM Digital Tuning Pocket Radio gives you the privacy of strong sound and convenience in a compact, lockable design. With a large backlit LCD display, selectable stereo/mono switch, stereo headphone output, low battery indicator and 90 minute auto shut off this radio will keep you entertained all day long. Whether listening on the go or right next to your bedside table this DBB dynamic bass boost button will amplify the richness of any song you’re listening too. Complement your new piece with removable belt clip that secures tightly on waist belts or other items with loops and trailing antenna for FM wire connections.

Best Belt Clip AM Radio Sangean DT-160CLP FM-Stereo/AM Pocket Radio with Protective Pouch & Belt Clip

Sangean DT-160CLP FM-Stereo/AM Pocket Radio


  • Protective Case
  • LCD Display
  • 100 Hours of Playtime

Whether it’s a football game or the presidential debate, there is no better way to follow all of the action than with a Sangean! The DT-160CLP PocketRadio features excellent reception and ultra-long battery life. You won’t be able to tear yourself away from your favorite programs thanks to this personal pocket radio’s clear earbuds. Speaking of those two little words, “personal pocket radio,” don’t we always feel more in tune and connected when we have our own device? It can be difficult to resist tuning into any program you want on this compact yet powerful device! Don’t wait for a charge—in between uses, plug your headphones in for up 100 hours of continual use with just 2 AA batteries.

Best Walkman AM Radio Sony SRF59SILVER AM/FM Walkman Stereo Radio

Sony SRF59SILVER AM/FM Walkman Stereo Radio


  • Sony MDR headphones act as FM antenna
  • Single AA battery provides long use 100-140 hours
  • Belt Clip Included

The Sony SRF59SILVER AM/FM Walkman Stereo Radio will provide you with the perfect solution to enjoying your favorite radio stations wherever you are. With standard features like light weight and compact size, this product is a must-have for travelers or people who enjoy going places without their favorite music. It also has special vent holes in the sides which create an improved signal reception with its included headphones acting as antenna. The battery life of this radio lasts up to 30 hours and can skip between channels while on mute so it won’t disturb those around you that may not be interested in what’s playing. 

So next time your favorite station goes off air, be sure to grab one of these radios before they’re gone!

What is an AM Radio? 

An AM radio (Amplitude Modulation) sends electromagnetic waves. These waves have a certain amplitude or strength. The amplitude is measured in units of voltage. Early radios could only receive broadcasts with a particular frequency range, and so the distance at which you would be able to pick up your favorite station was limited by these factors. You can still find some stations that are broadcasted on AM frequencies today! No matter the signal strength!

low angle photography of man carrying a short wave radio
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The AM Radio is a standard household item that has been around for over 100 years. The first radios were developed in the 1890s and they worked by using electromagnetic waves to send information through the air. These types of radios are called “broadcast” or “broadcasting” radios because they broadcast messages out into the world. The very first radio broadcasts were made on Christmas Eve in 1906 when Reginald Fessenden sent a voice message, followed by music from Brant Rock, Massachusetts to ships near Boston Harbor.

An AM Radio sends out waves of electromagnetic energy that are then picked up by your antenna. It’s the same thing as picking up a song on the FM band, except it uses frequencies between 525 kHz and 1705 kHz.

The first commercial broadcast was in 1920 by KDKA from Pittsburgh which made news broadcasts available to a wider audience than just those who had purchased radios before this time.

How does an AM radio work? 

AM Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation that is broadcasted and can be picked up by an antenna. An AM radio station broadcasts at a frequency between 540 kilohertz and 1,600 kilohertz.

The sound you hear on the radio is picked up in a microphone and then turned into electrical signals sent to an amplifier, which boosts the signal so it can travel over long distances. 

An AM radio receiver converts these electrical signals back to audio waves through a speaker or earphone. These electromagnetic waves are created when electrons move back and forth between two different points in space This phenomenon is known as electric current.

What should I consider when buying a new radio?

Ease of use – We considered how easy the radio is to use when we were evaluating radios. Radios that are hard to use didn’t make the cut.

People want to use gadgets that are easy to use. For radios, people do not have to spend a lot of time touching or tuning the knobs before they can start receiving transmissions from some faraway station.

man in black and white plaid dress shirt writing on white paper
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Durability – Activities like camping and hiking subject gadgets to rough handling. Gadgets could get dropped or bumped on hard surfaces, so make sure that the durability of such gadgets is not in question.

It is not fun to find out that your device doesn’t work after a bumpy ride. These radios are tough because they all survived the test.

Portability – This guide is about small radios. It is important to be portable. There are many radios that are small and have lots of good features. They are light and easy to carry in a pack or on your shoulder or in your hand when you go outside.

Second, it is important to hold the device in your hand. That way, you can put it where you want. If the device is portable, then it will be easier to search for stations while holding close to your ears.

Strong reception – In the selection of long range AM radios, the receiver is one of the most important variables.

If a radio can connect to stations that are very far from the test location, it will make a good impression.

You can hear radio sounds better when the receiver is strong. You should buy radios with good speakers if you want to be able to hear the person who is talking.

Pre-set settings/LCD display – If you want to find a station, you can press a button on the radio and it will take you to that station. If you have an LCD screen, then it will also tell your which frequency is right for the station. It is easy to find the correct frequency if there is interference or if something else happens

Which type of radio should I buy?

Battery Powered – If you are looking for a new gadget to add to your camping gear, there is one simple device that can be both useful and convenient. It’s an am/fm radio with battery power – perfect for the outdoors! 

This is a great option if you want something small and lightweight that will provide entertainment on those long hikes or cross-country drives. These radios have no plugs so they are able to work anywhere as long as they have some juice in them. They also come with adapters so you can charge up at home or in the car before heading out into nature. 

These radios are often smaller than traditional models which makes them easier to pack when traveling by air or taking it along on your next plane ride. They also fit in your pocket and are easy to carry around until you want them.

Other features that can come with these radios include an alarm clock, headphone jack for private listening or mp3 player compatibility and a built-in flashlight – perfect for those late night walks back from the campsite! They also often have NOAA weather alerts included in them which is another great feature.

Corded Electric- With all of the advancements in technology, you might be wondering why anyone would buy a corded electric am radio. Well, before we explore the benefits of buying one, let’s take a look at what it is and how it differs from other types of radios.

A corded electric am radio is an analog device that broadcasts on AM frequencies with power coming directly from the wall plug. The advantage to this type of radio is that there are no batteries or recharging required for use unlike digital devices such as bluetooth speakers or wireless headphones which require battery charging after every few hours or so. Corded electric am radios also offer more variety than digital devices in terms of sound quality and reception strength because they do not have any interference from wireless networks.

Corded electric am radios also do not require any input in terms of changing the dial for reception because there are no tuning knobs, meaning that it’s a set system and doesn’t need to be adjusted at all – just turn on and tune until you find what you’re looking for!

The downside of this type of radio is that it’s not as portable or mobile, and cannot be used for any other purposes.

Solar Powered – Many people are looking for a way to be more environmentally conscious. We all know that the sun is an unlimited resource, and now with solar technology we can harness it’s power without relying on non-renewable resources like coal or gas.

What if I told you there was a device that would save you money while being good for the environment? It might sound too good to be true but it isn’t! Solar powered am radios are just what you’ve been waiting for. 

Solar powered am radios use solar energy as their power source which means they don’t need expensive batteries to work, plus they charge themselves continuously during daylight hours so they’re always ready when needed. So not only will your radio never run out of juice again, it’ll also never cost you another cent.

Solar radios are a perfect solution for people who spend long periods of time in far-flung places without access to electricity or want something that can be taken outdoors with them and still function even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Crank Handle – A crank handle am radio is typically more affordable than other types of radios and can be used as an emergency back-up. It’s essential to have communication in case you find yourself deep in the wilderness without cell service! A good crank handle also has better reception than a solar powered one because it’s not reliant on environmental conditions like clouds or rain. And since they’re often small enough to fit into your backpack, they make great companions for hikes and camping trips where there may not be power outlets available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why did AM radio die out?

The decline in AM audio was dictated more by regulatory standards than the type of modulation. What many listeners fail to understand about radio is the concept of occupied bandwidth, or how much a station uses to transmit its signal.

Does AM radio still exist?

AM Radio is a technology that was popular many years ago but has been replaced by newer technology. AM stations have continued to decrease in number, and it’s still unclear how long they will continue to exist. As of 2015, only four thousand six hundred and eighty-four remain on the air.

Why is AM radio bad?

There are two types of radios. One is called AM radios. It carries the high frequencies on either side of the carrier. This is better than a radio with narrow filters that limits frequency bandwidth to 5-6 KHz (a measure of audio quality). Whereas an FM Radio will have a higher frequency range.

What is the difference between FM and AM radio?

FM and AM radios work differently. FM radio sounds like AM radio. The difference is FM radios use a carrier wave, while AM radios use amplitude modulation to encode sound information in frequency.

Why is AM radio reception worse at night?

Most AM radio stations abid by the FCC’s mandate to reduce their power or cease broadcasting at nighttime in order to avoid interference.

During nighttime hours, AM signals are amplified and can travel for hundreds of miles due to a phenomenon called skywave propagation.

Why does nobody use AM radio?

AM stations cannot simply be turned off by the owner, broadcasting must go through an extended process with the FCC. Many AM radio broadcasts remain on because of this rule. One reason for this is that AM broadcast is used mainly for talk radio, rather than entertainment or music.

Which travels farther AM or FM?

AM broadcasting uses different frequencies than FM broadcasters. AM waves are longer and this means they carry farther and bounce off the ionosphere, which reflects them back to Earth.

What does AM radio stands for?

Amplitude Modulation

A radio wave can be modulation-modulated (a change in the amplitude or frequency of a carrier wave, when changes in the electrical signal from program material, usually coming from a studio) by AM (Amplitude Modulation) and FM (Frequency Modulation). In some systems, they are layered so that one type cannot affect the other type.

Who created the AM radio?

James Clerk Maxwell was a Scottish physicist. He predicted the existence of radio waves like light and heat. Heinrich Rudholph Hertz showed that if you change the electric current quickly, it will become a wave in the air, just like light or heat.

In 1866, wireless communication became a topic that people talked about. Mahlon Loomis was the first person to show wireless aerial communication while he was working at his dentists office.

In 1899, Marconi sent the first wireless signal across the English Channel. In 1902, he sent his first successful message from England to Newfoundland.

Are AM Radio waves Harmful?

Research has found that regions near AM radio-broadcasting towers have higher rates of leukemia death than those without.

A new study found that cancer deaths are higher near a radio transmitter. Two years ago, an Italian study found leukemia death rates were higher for people living near Vatican Radio’s transmitters in Rome.

People who lived near radio-transmitters that broadcasted at more than 100 kilowatts had higher rates of cancer. Researchers wanted to do more research on this.

The scientists said they didn’t prove that transmitters cause cancer because their study didn’t show it.

Why do aircraft use AM radio?

AM is the longest-running type of modulation that’s still in use, and this applies to aircraft as well. In order for all aircraft to be able to communicate with air traffic controllers, they’ve stuck with using  AM at a specific frequency range and channels, which means even when there’s a powerful signal from far away it’ll be blocked by the aircraft.

How do I get better reception on my AM radio?

Most average people should have a TV antenna installed on the roof of their home, which can be used for both TV and AM radio. A much cheaper alternative is to buy an inexpensive RF cable splitter so that you can switch between FM and AM.

Does AM or FM have a higher energy?

FM is short for frequency modulated. You can think of this as a radio station. FM waves are shorter than AM waves so they can also carry more energy and go through objects easier.

Why do AM radio stations turn down power at night?

Most AM radio stations are required to make less power or stop operating at nighttime by the FCC’s rules so as not to interfere with the other radio waves. This is something called nighttime skywave propagation. It happens when the

AM signals can go a long way in this method.

Why is my AM radio so static?

retro styled fm radio placed on desk
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Fixing AM/FM Car Radio Static. If you only hear static when listening to the radio station and not any other audio source, then there might be a problem with the antenna, tuner, or an outside source of interference. Try unplugging the antenna and see if it is still there.


AM Radios are an excellent way to stay informed and entertained. The sound quality is clear, the radio stations provide a variety of content for all ages, and they’re affordable with various options available to suit your needs. With so many benefits that come from using one of these radios, I hope this guide helped you decide which am radio will best serve your needs!