Best Fastrack Wrist Watches For Men In India 2019

Best Fastrack Wrist Watches Under 1000 Rupees For Men In India 2019

The time is mighty strong, if we do not walk along with time it will never stop for us. Watches on wrist look cool in different color and provides gentle presence to men. The fastrack is well famous brand for its wrist watches. If you love to wear hand watch and your budget is around 1000 rupees then stay here, this is article for you.

There are many best fastrack wrist watches comes under 1000 rupees in India. All of them are available on online stores like Flipkart and Amazon. Specially we brings top 5 stylish wrist watches for men below rs 1000 from fastrack machine in 2018.

In following list we have included popular model of fastrack watches made up of PU, Resin and silicone. Most of them are water resistance. The fastrack hand watches are reign in red color, blue and so on.

1. Fastrack 38019PP02J Tees Watch

The band strap design in Blue and Red color combination makes this watch to look pretty cool for both Men & Women. Further it provides water resistance depth of 30 m. It implements stainless steel case and its strap is made up of PU material. You can wear Fastrack 38019PP02J Tees as casual occasions. It has 52 mm width and covers 6 months of warranty.

2. Fastrack 38018PP02CJ Tees Watch – For Men

Below 1000 price range this one of the best fastrack watch comes in Analog display type. It provides amazing looks to Men hand in orange and red colors combination. Its strap made up of resin and stainless steel case. In dimensions section it has weight of 51 g, thickness of 12mm and 36 mm diameter. It has water resistance of 30 m.

Click below to Buy From Flipkart Below at Rs. 875

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3. Fastrack 38019PP04J Watch – For Men

This is of the stylish fastrack watch under 1000, specially design for men. It is available in Yellow and purple colour combination. This sport watch comes with water resistance depth 30 m. If you are man and looking for best casual wrist watch below 1k then you should try this one.

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4. Fastrack 3114PP01 Watch – For Men

Fastrack 3114PP01 is available in black that provides a professional look to Men. Along with Analog display the watch strap is made up of silicone which let you to feel more comfortable during wearing. It has water resistance depth of 30 m at just weight of 46 gram. Further more its case is made with stainless steel.

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5. Fastrack 38039PP04 Elementary Tees Watch

This is the ideal wrist watch available for both Men and Women on Flipkart under 1k. It includes Analog display with main written number 12, 3, 6 and 9 which is ease to see the time. In dark Blue color this casual wear look more professional.

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