Best Headphones in 2021

Music Enhances the feel, changes moods, motivates, and is the key to celebrations and joyful events. Every human has a unique and personal sense of music. Listening to music is a reliving task for somebody while it is a sleeping habit for others. With the advent of online music streaming services like Spotify, Itunes, and Amazon Music in the last five years, music consumption increased significantly. People usually prefer to keep their music flowing private not to cause disturbance to others. That eventually lead to an increase in demand for headphones and music streaming devices.

The online market is in a saturated state with many players in the audio streaming devices market. That tends customers to make wrong choices. We are here to help solve that problem. Today we have brought you some Top-selling and Most efficient headphones in the market. The list consists of Headphones from different brands and different functionalities. Read below for your best fit from the list of most selling Headphones. We have made a guide for our audience’s convenience in selecting the best match for their audio streaming needs.

What to check before buying headphones?

Headphone Type: Before buying Headphones, it is essential to know what type of headphones suit your need. A sound engineer working from home may need professional sound-producing headphones. If so, opting for a wired headset would cut down latency. A gamer may want a wired headset too. Opting for Bluetooth headphones may be recommended for multitasking, casual jogging, or physical workouts. There are broadly two types of headphones they are wired and non-wired(Bluetooth). It is crucial to understand what suits better for you.

Connectivity Technology Used: This is optional as all the newly launched headphones support new connectivity technologies like Bluetooth 5.1 or 5.2. This Parameter is to avoid outdated headphones.

Ear Tip style: Some people may want in-ear style headphones, while others may opt for over-ear headphones, and some others may go with regular headphones. The in-ear style headphones create immersive ness while delivering the Sound but may cause hearing issues in the long term. The over-ear headphones are suitable for Gaming and binge-watching but may exert pressure on the ears.

Driver Configuration: The Sound driver used in the headphones determine the output quality. If two headphones have 10 mm drivers and 14 mm drivers, choose the larger driver headphone. The bigger the driver, the clearer the output sound.

Noise Cancellation: noise cancellation is a must for some people, and for others, it is optional. What exactly Nose cancellation does is remove the external Noise by detecting it with a mic and giving the subject sound. The Noise cancellation works excellent for calls in noisy surroundings. It is a great feature, but noise cancellation headphones are costly.

Brand: This is a bit tricky. We are not suggesting to be biased, but we are trying to convey that one should sometimes follow the crowd. Like a franchise turns into a brand when it is trusted or adopted by a group of people.  

List of Best Headphones in 2021

Below are the top-selling and value-for-money headphones. We have listed headphones of different functionalities and designs so to satisfy all types of audiences. Find the links for products at the bottom.

Sony WH 1000 xm4(Best Noise-cancelling Headphones)


  • Top-notch noise-cancelling tech
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Quick charging technology
  • Advanced AI tech
  • World-class premium sound
  • Ease of access with feature like
    • Wear detection
    • Touch controls
    • Alexa summon
    • Multi-device pairing and app support.


  • Price is a bit on the heavier side
  • Nothing else.

Sony is a renowned company that manufactures nearly all the tech stuff. Sony is a pioneer in the tech Market. It is not surprising to have Sony’s headphones on the top of the table. The quality Sony produces is uncomparable. The Sony WH 1000xm4 is the best quality headphones one can have. The headphones are powered by a unique processor that gives industry-leading noise cancellation standards. the design is neat and the build is sturdy. The headphones are available in two colours, black and silver. The price is a bit on the heavier side, but the features are great.

Jabra Elite 85t(Best Truly Wireless Ear Buds)


  • Long Battery life
  • Jabra advanced noise cancellation
  • Ultra-lightweight buds
  • Comfy design yet excellent fit
  • Wireless Charging
  • 12 mm audio drivers


  • The form factor makes it easy to loose
  • The price is high.

Jabra’s new elite T earbuds are great for the design and are built sturdy. The buds are genuinely wireless and ultra-comfortable to use. The buds come with a charging case that efficiently gives 5.5 hours of uptime with a single charge. The Active noise cancellation technology used is excellent. The case supports wireless charging, which is an additional feature for comfortable usage. Every aspect of the buds looks fabulous, but the price could be lesser a few bucks. And the design is excellent that gives comfy for on to the ears, but we should consider the form factor that makes it easy to lose. That isn’t a downside of Jabra Elite t buds, but we are taking it as the whole real estate of wireless buds.

1more Triple-driver in-ear headphones(Best wired earbuds under $75)


  • Design
  • Durable Make
  • Triple Driver Headphones
  • Well-Tuned to deliver balanced highs, mids and lows
  • High Bass.
  • Greater controls


  • What the brand 1more offers is good for the price.

The earphones from 1more are excellent for the quality and durability of their Sound. The tuning for the earphones is done by the Grammy-winning sound engineer Luka Bignardi. The highs, mids and lows are well balanced for efficient audio streaming. These In-ear style earphones give good sound isolation, and Extra bass is provided for immersive ness. The earphones come with 3.5 mm Jack, and the jack is gold plated. The earphones come with triple Driver configuration that produces some Hi-fi sound. Three buttons are provided for better controlling functions.

Sennheiser HD600 (Breast Headphones for music)


  • Dynamic Sound
  • Nice design
  • Good quality East cushions
  • High-quality open metal mesh grills
  • Detachable and durable copper cable
  • Accurate sound production


  • Price seems higher

Sennheiser is a renowned tech company that produces some tremendous audio devices. The Hd600 is a quality headphone that delivers exceptionally natural and spatial Sound. The build is oriented towards quality sound deliverance. These over-ear headphones come with soft cushions, that give some comfortable fit.

The cable is made of durable material, Kevlar-reinforced oxygen-free copper is used in the cable. And the cable is also detachable. Hd600 is suitable for audio streaming. The price seems a bit higher for the weird headphones, but the Sound of produces is uncompromising.

Audeze Mobius (Best headphone for Gaming)


  • 5.1 Surround sound
  • Head Tracking
  • 3D Sound
  • Can be connected via Bluetooth or wire
  • Negligible latency
  • Good quality Earpads


  • Price is a bit high.

The New Audeze Mobius having headphones are great. With the support of AAC and LDAC, the headphones deliver Seamless Audio. These headphones are professionally built for Gaming. The sound output is exceptional, and it has got discord certification. 5.1 surround sound gives immersive feel while watching movies or playing games. The headphones can be used with a wired connection or Bluetooth. The build quality is good, The frame is provided with soft padding for user comfort, and the rest cushions are soft. With the seamless technology used for connectivity and audio production, the latency is almost absent. The price seems a bit higher than its range, but it would be a great pick.