Best Smart Watches in 2021

Efficient usage of time attains progression. Progression is what everybody is after. A watch is the best device to track time and stay alert always. In modern times, A watch is not just a device to track time, but to do more like fitness tracking, calls and messages, heart rate monitoring and sp02 etc. The modern watch is called a smartwatch. Usually, a smartwatch comes with a touch screen and Bluetooth connectivity. There are also stand-alone smartwatches with E sim functionality. There are a lot of players in the smartwatch market. That makes it hard to choose between many options. Also, there are miny versions of smartwatches called smart bands, and they serve a limited set of features. Smart bands are smaller in size; They are preferred for work out tracking and alerts. We have reduced your efforts, below we have listed some best smartwatches in the market. In this article ‘Best Smart Watches in 2021’ We have explained in detail all the benefits of each smartwatch. Find your best fit from the list below.

 Instructions to use a smartwatch to its potential

So What exactly can a smartwatch do?

Calling: Yes, it is possible. Technology is more versatile in our generation than in earlier times. Many of the smartwatches from reputed brands have cellular capabilities.  Some smaller brands implement physical sim technology, while brands like Apple, Samsung and Mi integrate E-sim technology. Many wrist smartwatches are manufactured without the cellular feature since the tech is at the introductory stage. But some other top brands like Fossil stick with the real estate of older watch models and integrate smart systems by ignoring cellular features.

Activity Tracking: That’s possible, too; Sensors make it possible. Smartwatches come with many sensors to track all your activities; The primary activity tracking sensors include gyro, proximity and few other sensors. The activities include walking, Jogging, Brisk walking, cycling and swimming; some smartwatches even extend tracking specific sporting activities. Fitness tracking has become the primary purpose of using smartwatches.

Health monitoring: Health monitoring was a fancy term used by the smart watchmakers in the earlier times to get the audience’s attention. But now the scene changed; The tech is maturing at the period right now. Many new technologies are being developed for tracking Health and Sleep in real-time. Health monitoring is improving day by day with the advancement in technology. The health monitoring includes Heart rate monitoring, calories monitoring, Blood oxygen, Sleep Monitoring and ECG etc.

Task Reminder:  This is an excellent feature to be active and organized. Nearly all the smartwatches and smart gadgets come equipped with a vibrator motor, which helps as a task reminder. This feature is excellent for people who push their limits for better time management.

List of Best Smartwatches in 2021

Apple watch series 6(Best overall)


  • Flawless Design
  • Versatile make
  • Blood oxygen monitoring
  • Sleep tracking and Ecg
  • Sports Activity Tracker
  • GPS + Cellular


  • Pricing is the major downside
  • The AMOLED glass used is very fragile

Everybody knows Apple and the reputation of the products it makes. The apple watch series 6 is an upgrade for its older versions, but the design is similar to its older versions. It has got Ecg and blood oxygen monitoring and all the fitness activity trackers. Siri is always there for hands-free usage, with out needing to use the phone. The flagship smartwatch is the new best of Apple watch lineup. The display is great in room conditions or out doors. The body of the watch is made of durable material. Apple watch is definitely a great pick, but it is quite expensive when comoared to other brand flagship smartwatches that offer sab ne set of features.

Samsung galaxy watch 3(Best for android)


  • Bigger and brighter screen
  • Bigger Battery
  • Sports tracking
  • Health monitoring
  • Cellular, NFC and Bluetooth
  • Camera


  • Nothing specific

The Samsung watch is excellent for our value for money. The watch is priced around 400$ for Gps model and somewhere around 500 dollars for cellular. It had many sports tracking sensors that accurately track gym and work or activities. The health monitoring features are also present for user comfort. The design is so simple, but the functionality is excellent. There are options to choose between cellular and non-cellular. The watch faces are great, and the smart capabilities like auto-brightness and wake screen features are fantastic. The price is less when compared with aisle smartwatches while offering the same set of features.

Mobvoi tic watch e2 (Best budget)


  • Lower price
  • Amoled screen
  • Wear Os compatible
  • Elegant design
  • Sturdy design
  • Changebke strap


  • Smaller screen when compared
  • Lower battery life

A promising smartwatch from a new brand .  The features and the pricing is great for the watch. The design is classic and if similar to Samsung’s smartwatch lineup. It only had Gps feature and doesn’t support celluar. It had got all the features like spirits tracking and health monitoring. This should be a good pick definitely, for the price and features.

Garmin forerunner 945 (Best for running)


  • Specific for reining or jogging
  • 336 hours of battery life
  • Music feature
  • Contact less pay with card addition
  • V0o2 for performance monitoring


  • Price is very high
  • Limited set of features

A watch that is specifically built for tracking run time and jogging. The watch had a long Battery that lasted more than two weeks, now that’s a great feature to avoid charging often. Stream to music while you are running. The attach also had a option to save cards for carries payment. The price is very high but it is built for running and it does that well.

Garmin quatix 6 (Best for swimming)


  • Quality build
  • Nice display
  • Custom-built apps for water activities
  • 10 Am eager rating
  • Big battery life


  • Over priced

The garmin Quatix 6 concerts all the water activities. There are many Modes to select between. The water rating is up to 10 ATM, as it is meant for water sporting activities. The company gives custom-built apps for tracking and analysing sporting activities. The watch is overpriced , this is just for