Shockingly easy ways to Send Apk Files On WhatsApp

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How To Send Apk (Apps & Games) File On Whatsapp

A popular mobile app within the messaging industry is Whatsapp messenger. It allows users to share messages, videos, and pictures in real-time with one another through their phones.

Whatsapp introduced an update that lets users send document files, like pdf and text files. Unfortunately, there is no direct option to send android apks via the app.
If you want to share any type, including games, Android apps (.apk files), or more with someone, the best option is WhatsApp. Today we are sharing a new trick that lets you send anything from your phone without much effort at all. So here are some things to consider when using WhatsApp to send APK files.

How to send Apk (app & game) file on Whatsapp

Sharing apk via a peer-to-peer app like Shareit is useful in some circumstances, but it may not work for everyone. For example, if someone isn’t sitting near you. Here WhatsApp is an excellent tool for sending files to people with whom you are not in immediate contact.

Before diving into the steps below, download an app called “Es File Explorer” to your smartphone. This file explorer is a must-have application for anyone looking to manage any files in device storage and SD card. After downloading the ES File Explorer, you’ll need to install it and perform the next step below.

In this step, you will first need to make a backup of all apps that you want to have on standby for the move, allowing others to use them as well. After selecting apps and games that you want to send or share on WhatsApp, click the Rename button. You will notice a popup with rename box appear. Look at the end of the application name and rename apk with txt but leave the whole before the dot (.) then press ok.

After you do this, the program will move into the document folder automatically. Pull up the document folder to see if apps are available, and then share them by long pressing on the app icon and clicking on the ‘share with’ option. you’ll probably notice that a new Whatsapp sharing option has been added.

Click on WhatsApp and share the text file with your friends. Don’t leave them waiting for long. That’s it all done. For more tech info check out our popular posts below.