How To Send Apk File On Whatsapp

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How To Send Apk (Apps & Games) File On Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the fastest-growing messaging applications. People use Whatsapp to share messages, videos, and pictures. The latest update of Whatsapp lets you send document files like pdf, text file, and doc files. However, there is no direct option to send an android apk file through Whatsapp messenger.

But today we are bringing a new trick that lets you send easily any type of files on WhatsApp including games, android apps (.apk files), and more. With the help of this trick, you can send any files without hard effort. So let’s have look.

How to send Apk (app & game) file on Whatsapp

Alternately you can also share apk via Shareit but what if someone is sitting far away? Here WhatsApp is the best way to share files with people who are not present near you. Before diving into the trick, we recommend you download the Es File Explorer application from Playstore. This file explorer is great for managing any files in device storage and SD card. After downloading the Es file explorer install it and perform the next step.

In this step, you will have to first make a backup of all apps which you want to send. Then after select apps, games that you want to send or share on WhatsApp and click rename option. You will notice a popup with rename box appear. Look at the end of the application name and rename apk with txt but leave the whole before the dot (.) then press ok. After doing this the application will automatically move into the document folder. Find those apps in the document folder and select by long pressing on it then click on the share option. You will notice that a new Whatsapp sharing option is added.

Click on WhatsApp and share the text file with your friends. Hurry … !! all done.

Note: After sending the txt file tell you, friend, to rename that file with apk in the above manner. Enjoy.!! 🙂