ISRO Developed Solar Calculator App For Android To Measure Solar Energy Potential

ISRO has developed a solar calculator app for android which provides solar energy potential of any location

ISRO, the India based space agency has developed a solar calculator app for android platform. ISRO with the help of Space Applications Centre (SAC) which is located in Ahmedabad city in Gujarat, has completed the solar calculator app. The app is designed for computing the solar energy potential which requires the specific location selection of solar photovoltaic (PV). This mean that, by choosing the location the app will indicate the right place for installing the solar plant for electricity production.

There is a huge accessories behind all these stuff called geostationary satellite sensor which uses remote sensing observations technology. Further the app is developed at behest of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Govt. of India.

Solar Calculator Android App features

The application is ideal for minimum and maximum temperature mapping of any location. More ever it provides monthly and yearly solar potential in kWh/m2. After visiting the app page of Android App you will have to select year and month in solar insolation section and then click on solar calculator. In next screen you will see Longitude and Latitude fill the requirement there and then hit submit. Your report is ready in PDF format.


1 – The app provides average maximum and minimum temperature level.
2 – It provides annual global insolation in kWh/m2
3 – Optimum tilt angle of summer and winter (for solar PV installation)
4 – Provides sun path of Azimuth and altitude angles
5 – It calculates day length in hours over the year
6 – The solar calculator android app requires GPS and internet connection

The insolation data in the tool, has been provided with the help of Geostationary Satellite data of INSAT-3D and Kalpana-1.

Source: ISRO

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