Ola Vs Uber Cabs – Which One Provides Best Service?

Ola Vs Uber Cabs – Which One Provides Best Service And A Fair Comparison

Every one wants cheapest cab to save money, right. Yes, you will also want. Mr. Bhavish Agarwal (CEO) has started its OLA Cabs service from Mumbai in 2010. And now today He reached the peak of time where He had pride of around 1 lakh plus Ola cabs in 100 plus cities. Next when comparing to UBER, it has around 25 thousand plus ubber cabs (taxi) in around 25 plus cities.

Taking a cab ride is the right decision for that moment where you need to get your flight on time. Let’s suppose you will have to leave your hotel from next morning. And your time is be falling fastly, on that condition what do you choose Ola or uber? On the other hand, both Ola and Uber provides 24 hours and 7 days (week) non-stop service. So let’s have a look at differences between Ola vs Uber cabs below.

Ola Versus Uber

Both companies work on the same business model and the same principle as well. You can book a ride by installing their apps or by visiting on the website. However Uber is an international company while Ola is an India. By looking toward Google Play Store Uber has over 100 million active users and Ola has around 10 million users. Both apps deliver a very simple interface. Due to breaking the Indian laws, Ola was filed a case against Uber in Karnataka High Court in June 2016. In which the Indian company Ola was described that Uber is getting profit by ignoring the rules.

In October 2014 Ola has raised $210 nm around 22.5 percent of the share from Japan based group SoftBank which became the largest investor. Further, other like Tiger Global with 20.35%, Matrix Partners with 11.45%, Founder with 11.95 percent and such on are also the biggest shareholders in Ola.

Fare (rates) Comparison

When both comes to riding properties – Uber provides 4 riding options. On the other side the Ola app has included around 5 riding button in app. Although fares are little bit different for sharing the ride and for a single person.

UberGo vs Ola Micro cab

You can compare Ola Micro with UberGo in the same category when it comes to choosing the riding option. Ola affords 100 rupees for its base fare, Rs. 1 cost per minute and 11 rupees per KM. Whereas the Ubber picks 45 Rs. as base fare, Rs. 1.5 per minute and 8 INR for per kilometer. Both taxi company charges cancellation fees with 10 Rs difference Ola at Rs 50 and Uber at Rs. 60.

To test their cheapness and who becomes the real winner. By setting up rate calculators, we started a small ride of 13 km from Lower Parel to domestic Airport (CSIA) in Mumbai. In this way when the final result came out we got surprised. Uber cab driver asked for Rs. 296 whereas Ola ride made a bill of rupees 331. Finally, the UBER win the game.

Bottom Line

Both taxi companies are good to take a ride but if you want to save money with large margin Uber cabs are best to choose for. Uber provides reliable service with cheap fare.                           

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