Reliance Jio And Samsung Shaked Hand To Bring 5G Network In India Till 2018

Reliance Jio And Samsung Shaked Hand To Bring 5G Network In India Till 2018

As for now we are all surfed on the free service of Reliance Jio which will be ended in last of March 2017. A News is coming toward us that Reliance Jio and South Korean gadgets making firm Samsung, both shaked hand. They works together to bring 5G network in India onward 2018. This is a great news for internet surfer, who wants to jump beyond 4G technology. Jio made a major announcement during the event of Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.

In event both company collaborated each one by saying onward. This project for Jio is to focus on 90 percent population in India and to reach there. This is also to ensure that Reliance Jio will touch all rural places and bring its 5G technology. Samsung and Reliance Jio, both held a joint press conference on Tuesday. To improve its 4G networks they announced a project called ‘infill and Growth (I & G). Samsung and Jio, both indicated that they are prepared for a 5G, but the arrival of 5G is not means to replace 4G, rather than the framework will be a different kind.

Jyotindra Thacker, President of Reliance Jio Infocomm, said..

“We successfully achieved 100 million subscribers in 170 days, making us the fastest-growing company in the world, and the numbers continue to rapidly grow. It was possible because we introduced a truly effective LTE service, Pan-India. We are committed to bringing game-changing digital experiences to India with superior ecosystems, mobile content, all-IP networks and ongoing process innovations,”.

Samsung executives indicated that 5G network will be the very powerful like Wi-Fi. Which will able to transfer data million times more fastly from present time. For example, your house Gadgets talking among themselves will be able to control each other according to need. Will not need wires to cable TV, through wireless content can be sent. It will give you 1 GB per second of downloading speed. On the other words, a full HD movies can be downloaded in seconds. Most of works will be possible with wireless technology. 

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