12 Best Android Apps Of The Year

Top 12 Best And Most Popular Android Apps Of The Year 2016

If you are searching for the most popular and best Android Apps for your smartphone, then your are landed on right page. In next few minutes I will discuss most important android apps for your phones. Now a day every persons have their own smartphone, but all mobiles are sketchy without Apps. If you are android user then you have a lots of option to download thousand of Android Apps from play store. But as you know “Every shining things are not Gold” likewise every Android apps are not safe to install. There are hundreds of “Adware Applications” in Play Store. Lets see some most important apps list.

1.Google Indic Keyboard:

Google indic keyboard getting famous day by day. If you are proud to be Indian and loves your native language then this app helps you more. Google Indic Keyboard allow you to chat, massage on social sites in your own language. This app support many Indian language such as Hindi, Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telgu and many more. This app will provide you Transliteration mode. with the help of this mode you can type massage in your native language, you have just to type your native language in your style in English and this keyboard translate it into your own native language. For example if you will type “namaste you will get output “नमस्ते”.

2.CamScanner-Phone PDF Creator:

This is the most powerful app. You can also call this app as pocket scanner. If your are office employee or working in any official segment, if you are businessman then you need this app. With the help of this app you can scan your documents and will send it to any email.This Android App can scan your documents, papers and covert it to PDF file. This app will use your camera to scan receipt, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates and many more things.


If you are using android smartphone then you must install this app. with the help of shareit you can share any files easily from one mobile to another.it gives you 200 times faster speed than bluetooth without any USB connection.Shareit gives you options to share any things such as files, video, music, documents, apps and much more things.

4.Super-Bright LED Flashlight:

This is the another powerful and most essential app. This app help you on the way at night. Super-Bright LED Flashlight will turns your smartphone into bright flashlight. If your smartphone support LED Flash then this app will support in your smartphone but if your smartphone have not LED Flash then this app will not support in your mobile. This app has some unique feature such as strobe/blinking mode.


This beautiful app is very helpful for those who have work of load.If you have weak memory and you forget every things then you must install this app now.Evernote is the modern notepad which gives you option to write any note, checklist. with the help of this app you can organize web articles, docs and photo. Evernote has many features. You can make to-do’s, checklist, keep office docs,PDFs, photo, organize notebooks and much more.

6.Super Backup – SMS & Contact:

Super backup is a backup tool which helps you to back you contact list, call logs, SMS and more. If your smartphone have thousand of contact you can easily backup your contact just in one click. This app will give option to save your backup file to SD Card, Google Drive and Gmail.

7.Indian Rail Live Train Status:

If yo are traveler you must install this app because this app will help you to track your train. you can check your PNR status with the help of this app. You can calculate seat ability. This app helps you to know train between station.

8.Barcode Scanner:

This app help you to scan barcode of any product. If you are in shopping mall you must use this app.This help you to know the product you are going to purchase whether it is genuine or not. This help you to know the original price of your product.

9.Es File Explorer:

This Android App helps you to manage your files by accessing phone memory and SD card. You can manage your file like computer and laptop. This app provides you options to do cut, copy, paste, move, create, delete, rename, search file, share file, send, hide, create shortcut and bookmark. You can also manage your files on your phone from computer with remote file manager. It allow you to compress and decompress ZIP files.

10.True Caller:

True caller is the app which lets you to identify unknown incoming calls. You can easily check who is calling if you don’t have their number in your contact list. If you want to block any unwanted or unknown numbers you can do easily.You can also search numbers manually.

11.Go Keyboard-Emoji, Stickers:

This awesome app will help you to improve your typing speed. This app lets you to chat with your friends with the lots of fun. Go Keyboard support 60+ languages and thousand of theme. This keyboard has emoji, emoticons and stickers which are compatible across all popular apps.


This is most amazing app. This app let you to save any web pages for offline reading. use this app to save any stories any pages for offline reading. You can save any pages from including your computer, safari, email and your favorite app like facebook, twitter, flipboard and feedly.

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