WhatsApp New Version Download

WhatsApp New Version Download

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most interesting messaging application. Till now 1 billion users have installed this app. Some of them uses it for entertainment and some of them uses as business profile. If you are active user then you must update this software. Updating brings Whatsapp new version, in which it includes some bug fixes, user interface improvement, new features. In between we hears different types of Whatsapp news. A recent news of Whatsapp on Window phones has come before us. In which Windows 8.1 user and Windows 10 mobile phone user will see chat details more deeply. Not updating whatsapp from long time displays an overlay message which disappears when you update your Whatsapp with latest version. In this article we will talk about whatsapp new version in 2017 which is necessary to update.

Download it from Google Play Store.

Last Update on 20 March 2017 (New)

This new update brings one of the previous WhatsApp feature called ‘About’ user profile. This about feature has been removed by Whatsapp due to various experiment. But now you can tell your friends about your self. Further you will able set a daily or weekly status in about section.

How to set about status

Everything looks like most of the previous setting. Just click on the three dotted symbol and then tap setting option. Here you will see your profile picture and your name, just click there. All done ..!! Below you will see ‘About and Phone number’ and by touching there you can able to set text based update of your own choice.

–Another interesting feature which that whatsApp new version provides in this update, is animated GIF. Yes, animated GIF. Without searching whole over the web, users now finds animated GIF images within WhatsApp Messenger. This new features helps those user who wants to make messenger more funny. This mean that, during the chat you can choose a lots of funny GIF photos just in single click. For that in chat box you will have to click on emoji icon and here you will see a new option called ‘GIF’. This tab provides search box for GIF pictures via Giphy.

Updates on February 22, 2017

On February 22, 2017 Whatsapp Messenger rolled out new updates with some unique features. Now with this update you can post photos, videos and GIFs images to your status and later share with your contact friends. By doing this stuff you can realize your mates what’s going on for your whole day. Status update from your contacts will appear in status tab and will disappear after 24 hours. However you can also mute updates by long pressing on a contact’s name in the status tab.

Whatsapp two step verification

Further this new version of WhatsApp Messenger allows you to open camera instantly just by right swiping your finger. More ever this update brings to turn on two step verification in setting. This is feature is optional but most powerful to secure your account. This verification requires six digit pass code during mobile number registration which can be used later in different ways. You can also disable two step verification by providing email id when enabling this feature. The Whatsapp will send a link on email which can be used for disabling.