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Is Whatsapp Closed?

It may be surprising matter to Whatsapp user. Mobile massaging service Whatsapp has launched a blog. In which it is said that in the end of this year the whatsapp will close of its support for blackberry OS BB10. It means the blackberry user will not use whatsapp on the smartphones of blackberry. Along with it Nokia S40 series, Nokia Symbian S60, android 2.1, android 2.2 and window phone 7.1 OS user also can’t use whatsapp in their smartphones.

Whatsapp will stop its support upon them in next year. It is said by whatsapp that it will pay attention on that platform which is used by a large number of person. Whatsapp has said in its blog that, ”if you have also those platform with such smartphones. Aforesaid companies need upgrade to new android phone, iPhone and window phone.