Xiaomi Launched Mi VR Headset With 9-Axis Inertial Touch Motion Controller

At an event ‘Curved to impress’ Xiaomi launched a bundled of products. In which the company launched Mi Note 2 with dual curved glass. On the other hand the firm also launched Mi VR headset with 9-axis inertial motion controller, that was rumored back in August. The new Mi Virtual Reality wearable headset priced at CNY 199 (Approx Rs. 2,000 In Indian Rupees).

mi vr headset

The Mi Virtual Reality headset first comes with ‘two-way zipper design’ that looks very near to the Playstation virtual reality and launch for beta tester. Finally the VR headset launched with an upgraded version with 16ms ultra-low latency. This feature lets user to see fast response when they turn their head. It means the delay between the user action and response time of Mi VR headset is very short which can help to reduce motion sickness of the eyes.

The Mi VR headset will only support some of the selected phones of Xiaomi for now such as -Mi Note 2, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus and Mi 5 in the Chinese region. As we talked above the headset has 9-axis inertial motion controller that well supports touch control with a motion sensor built in it.

Along with VR the Xiaomi has also launched the MIUI VR store for engaging the user with virtual reality system. The company also offering over 30 VR apps for its devices and over 500 panoramic videos specially for Mi VR headset.

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