Xiaomi Piston Fresh In-Ear Headphones Launched

Xiaomi Piston Fresh In-Ear Headphones Launched In China, Priced At CNY 29

Xiaomi has launched its new in-ear headphones in China named Piston Fresh. The Latest Piston Fresh earphones is very cost-effective and is priced for CNY 29 (equivalent to $4 and aprox to 300 INR). The only drawback of this in-ear headphones is that it does not supports iOS platform. The built quality is good when compares to its budget. It comes with aluminium chamber inside and company also claims that the earphones emits the great sound quality even at the low price. let’s have a look at specifications and features.

Xiaomi Piston Fresh Specs & features

From firm quoting, it is said that the Piston Fresh in-ear headphones has built-in microphones and a volume button. It also helps both for receiving and making a phone call and for volume control as well. The company official website also pretends that the earphones comes with third generation damping system. The Xiaomi new earphone is accessible in five color option that are Pink, Purple, Blue, Black and Silver. It offers two other size of ear plug made with silicone rubber to make sure fit into different ears. As for the design the headphones are made of anodised aluminium alloy from the surface with Zircon Sand finished. As per claims it provides scratch-free and anti-fingerprint body.

Xiaomi Piston Fresh headphones offers a moderate sound frequency response rang from 20Hz to 20000Hz and with an impedance of 32 Ohms. Finally it weighed at 14 grams along with 5mW power rating. There is no any official announcement, when the headphones will be released out of the China Market.