Yu Yutopia Specifications: Full Phone Review

Yu Yutopia Overview:

Yu Yutopia, yutopia

Yu Yutopia is the latest smartphone from Micromax’s sub-brand “YU”, Before the launch of this phone, company has launched their 4th smartphone YU Yunique. A big claim comes from YU Televentures, that Yu Yutopia is most powerful phone on the planet from its machine. That makes you think what is so special in this device. Whereas it comes from an Indian company, our heart fills with glad. But if you are looking for the Budget smartphones my advice is to put this phone behind your back because this phone is priced @24,999 Indian Rupees, which is not easy to buy for medium class people. When you hearing such a big claim for a product, it becomes mandatory to take scores in depth.


Design of Yu Yutopia:

Yu Yutopia design

The Design is one of the most important parts of any smartphone and it plays a big role on your hand.It displays your attitude. And YU Yutopia does not disappoint you in the term of feel and look.This device is made of high-quality material. Yutopia has a Unibody metal design made of aircraft grade Aluminum and is 7.2mm thick.This smartphone will give an uncomfortable feel to the persons with small hand because this device is a little bit wide when compared to other similar priced smartphone such as NEXUS 5X.The back of the phone sports the massive camera unit.This smartphone has got YU logo and YU’s signature design element such as three element keys on the side, centrally aligned camera sensor, headphone jack on the bottom of the phone and a microUSB port.Yu Yutopia has a fingerprint recognition on their rear just below the camera and large horizontal speaker grid at the bottom of the device.




Yu Yutopia Display

When we look at display Yu Yutopia has strongly beaten its competitors because Yu Yutopia has higher display resolution and pixel density at RS 25K range.This phone has 1440×2560 resolution and 565 ppi pixel density.The display looks amazingly crispy and sharp.When you play a game and watch the movie it gives you more details than another smartphone in this price range.But perspective has changed when it come to outdoor conditions.The display does not feel much brighter and reading texts becomes eye sicken work.Even so Yu Yutopia has beaten the Nexus 5x in the term of resolution.



Yu Yutopia camera

When we are going to buy such smartphone which has priced at 25k range. We first look at the camera, this is because camera plays an important role while taking moments. Yu Yutopia has comes with a humongous 21 MP rear camera coupled with 8 MP front camera. The Camera of Yu Yutopia is not only biggest thing but it has also packed with strongest features such as Sony’s Exmor RS IMX230 Sensor,true-tone dual LED flash, a 5P lens and optic image stabilisation with phase detection Autofocus technology.But the performance of 21 MP in real life usage is not acceptable.Image taken with Yu Yutopia in galore light looks good on 2K display.The rubbishy thing is that its camera becomes sluggish during the low light.You can use the camera for shooting of 4K video at 30fps.


Yu Yutopia has powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and has Quad-Core 2.0 GHz Cortex A57 plus Quad-Core 1.5 Ghz Cortex A53 CPU. According to their users Gaming experience is enough smooth but some games like highly graphic games make this phone lag.


Yu Yutopia OS

This Flagship device is comes with Cyanogen-Mod which runs on android 5.1.1. Yu Yutopia is packed with Ganna App for its default music player. And when its comes with cyanogen OS that has some advance app such as their own AudioFX app which will do some extra job such as audio equalization.When Yu Yutopia was newly launched we had found a little issue claimed by their users, the issue was nothing but a little lag in its starting days.


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